Scottsdale Estate Buyers – Client Reviews of Watch & Jewelry Sales

Scottsdale Estate Buyer is a service division of Diamond Estate Estate Buyers, one of the country’s most recognized and trusted buyers of high-brand designer jewelry, large carat diamond engagement rings, and rare precious gemstones.

Our Scottsdale clients can read below a sample of what clients have said over the years about selling their estate jewelry, antique jewelry, and valuable timepieces to our estate buyers.

Where to Sell Diamond Jewelry in Scottsdale, AZ

“These people are extraordinary! It is the best place to sell your jewelry quickly for a very fair price. I had a large diamond ring I wanted to sell and needed the money right away. Once they received my ring, performed their own analysis, I received an offer and had the money in my account the next day. I was thrilled to say the least.

Paula stayed in touch with me throughout the entire process. She was amazing; so personable, professional and informative. Because it was an heirloom, selling this ring was very difficult for me. On the company’s website, Carl comments about this very issue. His words were comforting and helped me a great deal.

Honestly, I am truly grateful for the outstanding job this company did for me. Thank you Paula and Carl!” – Candy C., April 2016


“Okay, I wasn’t really sure about this whole set up and I was looking for a negative review of any kind. But you know, it went exactly as planned. Absolutely everything Paula did and said happened to the letter. Pictures emailed, price agreed, watch sent off and then funds wired into my account the next day. It was a perfect transaction. A special thanks to Paula and her team for making this all happen exactly as it was laid out to be.” – Andy S., April 2016


“I was getting frustrated with the process of trying to sell my jewelry around where I lived. I decided to look online for some tips and came across Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers. I was skeptical at first, but the prompt and professional reply from Paula assured me that this was a legit business. I found her to be very knowledgeable, personable and most importantly, honest.

She offered me the best price on my jewelry out of the six places I visited. She explained to me the entire process behind selling jewelry which was very helpful to me. The entire transaction was so easy and fast and I’m all the way on the other side of the country! I will definitely go here first when i need to sell jewelry and highly recommend doing business with them!” – Caitlin P., December 2015


“If you’re reading this, it’s probably because your skeptical about finding a random website online that is willing to buy your jewelry. It turns out, Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers are actually a legitimate and trustworthy business. My transaction with them, selling a diamond that was valuable to me, was handled with a high level of professionalism. The offer was fair, shipping was incredibly easy, and payment was prompt. I don’t recommend a ton of businesses, but I guess because I’m so surprised with how well this transaction went, I’m very happy to share.” – Joshua Albrechtsen, December 2015


“After much thought, I decided to sell my diamond jewelry. I researched different places, and based on the reviews, chose Diamond Estate Buyers. Their service was second to none. As Carl was out of town, I dealt directly with the office manager Jacqueline who took the time to explain to me the entire process from beginning to end and made me feel very comfortable with sending my pieces to them. The FedEx label was sent and my package insured by them.

I received a very fair offer the next day, accepted and the money was wired to me within 24 hours. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to sell their high end jewelry. You can feel completely confident with this company.” – A. Nottingham – September 2015


“While selling an engagement ring is never an emotionally fun experience, it was finally time to give it a new life. Working with Paula made the process so much easier. She is very professional and responsive, and showed a lot of empathy when I got misty-eyed on the phone.

While I’ll admit to having been nervous about shipping my ring off based on a few emails, the process went very smoothly. I was provided with an insured shipping label and instructions for packaging. I received a reasonable offer for my ring the day it arrived at their store. The transaction was settled exactly as agreed, and within hours of my giving final word.

There is absolutely nothing to be concerned about in dealing with Diamond Estate Estate Buyers via the web, and I would gladly use them again.” – Lisa Y. – November 2015


“I would like to thank Paula for assisting me and being very thorough about the process of selling my beautiful diamond ring. I am grateful for the smooth transition and speedy deposit into my account. I would recommend Diamond Estate Estate Buyers to anyone that wants to deal with professionals. The offer was very fair and I gladly accepted. Thank you very much!” – S. Johnson – October 2015


“This was my first experience with selling a valuable piece of jewelry. I called DEJB in the morning and Paula returned my call in the early afternoon. Her professional phone manner was second to none! Not only did she provide all the information I needed, she eased my fears about sending them my piece via FedEx.

Every aspect of my business transaction with Paula was done quickly, accurately and again, with the utmost professionalism. Thank you so much Paula and Carl…..I will definitely come to DEJB first, for all my jewelry sales or purchases.” – Mary H.- May, 2015


“Paula was very professional and easy to work with – she was responsive, efficient, and fair. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to sell jewelry without having to appear in person to do it.” – K. Coleman – July 2015


“I recently sold a 2 ct diamond ring to Carl Blackburn and Diamond Estate Estate Buyers. Although I had never heard of him prior to this transaction, I cannot offer him enough praise. The process was effortless, and Carl acted with the highest degree of professionalism- top notch, every step of the way- enough to make me want to write this review. I’m a jaded New Yorker living in AZ, and Carl proves that there are still honest people in the world. I think the community deserves to know about him.

He responded immediately to all of my calls, addressed my questions with patience and clarity, never rushing me through a conversation, which put me at ease, as did his breadth of knowledge.

He enjoys speaking with you whether you are a novice or a seasoned collector. He wants you to have a good experience, and be happy with the offer. He is building long-term relationships, not fly-by-night, one-off deals. There is no pressure. He gave me his undivided attention, making me feel like I was his most important client every time we spoke, which was actually only a few times, because there were no games.

I already had an idea about how much I should be able to get for the ring if I were to sell it at auction, to an individual buyer, or a jeweler or wholesaler. Carl was willing to discuss these scenarios, and how his business model fits into the mix. He also addressed the strengths and weaknesses of the stone itself, and how those factors would affect the price, and what he would be able to get for it.

He explained the shipping process in detail, and sent me written instructions so I knew what to expect. He covered all the costs, and had I decided not to sell it to him, he would have shipped it back to me at no cost. We agreed on a replacement value for the insurance, whereas others only wanted to cover the wholesale amount.

Carl receives and ships expensive diamonds all day long, and explained that he is the only one to open the packages, that he has video cameras recording his every move for insurance purposes. He earned my trust a lot faster than a lot of the other people I encountered in AZ and NYC, because he was transparent about the process, and did not pass me off to someone else in his store. He puts himself in your shoes and doesn’t want you to worry. He tells you what time he can expect to receive your package and will let you know it arrived safely.

Carl gave me between $7,000-$13,000 more than what some of the other estate buyers offered. He even contacted me the the next day to make sure my payment went through!

You can be sure I will be doing business with him again in the future.” – Sofia A. – May 2014


“I’d recently made a difficult decision to sell a ring set, and had spent time online looking for a professional and trustworthy estate buyer. After some research, I found Diamond Estate Estate Buyers. I called them and immediately received a call back from the owner himself, Carl Blackburn. He was very friendly, extremely professional and knowledgeable, and laid out all the options available to sell my jewelry without any sales pressure whatsoever.

He gave me an estimate by phone, and once I made my decision to sell to him, he did everything that he could to make the process as easy as possible for me. I then received my money right away, with no hassles or delays. Carl has a level of integrity that’s uncommon in the business world, and I would recommend Diamond Estate Estate Buyers to anyone without hesitation, as well as use them again in the future myself.” – C.M – January 2014


How to Sell a Diamond in Scottsdale, AZ

“Thank you so much Paula for your professional handling of my heirloom diamond. When we first talked on the phone, your totally professional and knowledgeable demeanor regarding the diamond business assuaged any trepidation I had about sending my diamond. I was impressed with the way you shopped my diamond to get me the best possible price. When we agreed on the price the money was wired to my account within the hour. Well done! I will not hesitate to recommend Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers to my friends and will tell them to ask for you by name!” – John P., February 2016


“We had a 14 carat diamond and were nervous of mailing it out of state. We were reassured from the beginning of the easy process, but we decided to fly out to California to meet the people at Diamond Estate. From the very beginning we were met with professionalism and treated very well. After given a reasonable quote, we decided to get a GIA certificate for the diamond just to be sure what it was.

Jackie drove us all over the place to different jewelers to look at it as well as the GIA lab. She spent a whole day making us feel at ease. Jackie took us around fully knowing that we could go with other peoples offers and still chauffeured us to each place. In the end we found exactly what we are looking for with the Help of Carl and Jackie. Great experience for 2 girls from Colorado… I would recommend them to anyone” – Melissa E., January 2016


“I can’t say enough about the professionalism and excellent service I received from Carl and Jackie at Diamond Estate Estate Buyers. I was interested in selling a diamond from a ring that I had. At my appointment, I was given a thorough explanation on the process of selling a diamond, as well as a recommendation to obtain an independent certification prior to determining a price.

After receiving this information, Carl made me a generous offer and was very patient while I took some time to decide if this was the right decision. I would wholeheartedly recommend Carl as your first and last stop for selling your estate jewelry.” – Kate H. – April 2015


“Easy, fast, fair and incredibly professional. I recently sold a diamond to Carl Blackburn of Diamond Estate Estate Buyers. Even though I was a seller, he treated me like a customer, with the utmost respect, every step of the way. The diamond was GIA certified, so I had the chance to shop it around to diamond buyers all around the US. Most gave me price ranges until they could see the diamond (and subsequently lower the price when they did, unfortunately as I learned firsthand).

Carl offered a fair & generous price that was FIRM. He was honest & easy to work with – NO GAMES and always responsive in his communication. He covered the cost of insuring and mailing the diamond to him and even offered me the savings on sending the check if he didn’t have to pay for express shipping. I highly recommend working with Carl Blackburn and Diamond Estate Estate Buyers.” – Kim W. – February, 2014


How to Sell Estate & Antique Jewelry in Scottsdale, AZ

“My experience with Paula was first class…she is professional and very efficient. The entire transaction took five days and would have been even faster had I not lived in a rural area in Wyoming. The company paid promptly (the day they received the item) and within the range of their estimate. I highly recommend Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers and welcome the opportunity to work again with Paula. Thanks!” – Sharon B., February 2016


“I met with Carl for him to appraise some old family estate jewelry and some newer pieces I no long wished to keep. I had previously done a bit of online research to get an idea of what I might sell the pieces for. A note of caution: expect to get much less than you paid for most jewelry. It is just the nature of the business. With that expectation, I had an appraisal by a jeweler from a large local jewelry store. The jeweler examined each piece for a few minutes then gave me numbers which were lower than I had seen online. I felt he rushed and was not truly interested in giving me a fair price, especially for the older pieces.

Then I contacted Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers. The difference was astounding. Carl carefully and thoroughly examined each piece. He explained his process and what he was looking for as he went along. I was very confident in his knowledge and skill. In the end, Diamond Estate give me substantially more for my pieces than I had previously been quoted. My meeting was enjoyable and I was not only extremely happy with the results, but also learned a lot about diamonds which I will use when considering the purchase of diamond jewelry in the future.” – Wendy Hansbrough, January 2016


“I inherited several pieces of estate jewelry worth quite a bit of money. The pieces were gorgeous and very valuable but not my style. I made the decision to part with the pieces, trying a few different jewelry buyers in Los Angeles. I went to at least three or four, and either I didn’t like what they were offering me or wasn’t comfortable with the person I was dealing with.

So I waited. And started internet researching. I found Fletcher at Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers and didn’t even have to leave my house for any of the transaction. Everything was done via email and photo attachments, then a seamless FedEx overnight shipment which they paid for. My jewelry was looked at and by 6pm that day I had a very fair offer for my pieces. They offered me almost twice as much as the first jeweler I had seen. We accepted the offer and the money was wired to our account within 24 hours.

Fletcher was super pleasant and prompt in communicating. He really knew what he was talking about and was an honest and all around nice guy. We are really pleased with our transaction.” – Sue F., January 2016


“I had an excellent experience with Diamond Estate Estate Buyers recently. Paula and Carl were confidential, professional and extremely knowledgeable. The prices offered for my pieces (some were unique antique pieces that other jewelers wouldn’t have taken the time to look at, let alone buy) were very, very good.

Paula’s responses to my emails and questions were prompt and courteous. I was treated with the utmost respect as a customer and would recommend them highly. The process was quick and I would do business with them again. Many thanks Paula and Carl!” – Shauna G. – August 2015


The Best Place to Sell a Watch in Scottsdale, AZ

“Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers…what can I say? I dealt with Paula from beginning to end and she is magnificent. She and her coworkers are truly professional, honest, helpful every step of the way, and they brokered my Rolex for an amazing price. I live in Arizona and at first I was hesitant to put a very valuable watch in the mail, but the whole process was simple, efficient, explained and assured by Paula the whole way through and from beginning to end nothing was in any way contrary to what I was offered. Excellent company and highly recommended by me.” – Jeremiah J., May 2016


“Rarely do I gush about a business in a review, but in this case I will happily make an exception. Recently I decided to sell my old Rolex that I no longer wore. After reaching out to multiple potential buyers, Paula at DEJB provided the most competitive cash offer and made the process both fast and easy for me.

Each step of the very professional process was seamless, and within 48 hours of the initial estimate I had an incoming wire transfer for the full amount. No consignment offer, no contingencies, and no funny business. Highly recommended, I would certainly do business with them again.” – Lee F., February 2016


“I had a really nice Rolex that I was not wearing for over a year so I decided to sell it. I was not sure how to go about selling the watch and who I could trust and then I found Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers on line. I read the reviews for DEJB and was impressed and I must say the reviews were spot on!

Paula D. was a pleasure to work with and she gave me clear instructions on how to send my watch securely to them and the steps in the process. Their offer on my watch was very fair and it only took a few days to complete and I had the money in my bank account. If you have a valuable item to sell and you are looking for someone that will give you a fair price and you can trust I highly recommend Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers.” – Harold E., February 2016


“After reading many of the reviews about DEJB on the internet, I decided to take the plunge and contact them about a vintage Rolex watch that belonged to my father and had been tucked away for about 40 years. Paula Dabney responded immediately and walked me through a very simple process to evaluate the watch and arrive at a fair price. The entire transaction was very positive, and I am really glad I discovered this company. I would definitely recommend them and will certainly do business with them in the future if I have any other items of value to sell.” – Eileen D., February 2016


“I decided to sell my Rolex Watch. I was very skeptical about putting something of that value in the mail and trusting that someone would give me a fair offer. I came across Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers and after reading reviews on their page decided to give them a try. I must say that Paula was extremely professional throughout the whole process. They made me a fair offer for my watch so I decided to accept.

She sent me the shipping instructions and assured me that my watch would be insured for the value that they offered me and they would receive it the next business morning. Paula contacted me to confirm that they received the watch and after they examined for authenticity they would contact me with final offer. They did offer me $1,200.00 less then the original quote, because I had three links taken out of it that they would need to replace and the dial was not an original Rolex dial. They offered to return my watch free of charge if I didn’t accept their offer. I decided to accept their offer and the money was wired into my account as promised. I highly recommend Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers!” – Vicki Leone, January 2016


“I wanted to sell my Rolex watch but had no idea where to begin so I took my time and searched online for Rolex buyers. I really hadn’t intended to sell it this way but when I came across the Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers website, I took notice. The reviews sold me. I contacted DEJB and my inquiry was promptly answered by Paula.

After sending in the requisite photos of my watch, I was offered a very fair price and walked through the process of the sale. The whole experience was beyond my expectations. I don’t know when I have ever dealt with a more professional, polite, and honest business.” – Jane F., January 2016


“Let me just say that I was pretty skeptical in the initial process of selling my Rolex watch. I had already been offered insultingly low amounts for my watch and was wondering whether I would ever find a decent jeweler to deal with. I stumbled upon this jeweler, and was very very impressed. Such a professional experience working with Paula D. I honestly was shocked at how great the experience and process went. Even the wiring of the funds went smoothly and immediately.

I honestly felt that it was a win win situation that I went ahead and had them look at my second watch which was a Cartier. In that circumstance again, the deal was handled very professionally and reasonably. I felt that working with Paula D and DEJB was a win-win for both of us. Highly recommend these folks and give them an A+ for customer service.” – Maria M. – November 2015


“Fantastic experience! I worked with Paula and she made this such an easy process. They offered me the best price by far compared to four other companies. Paula provided the shipping and insurance. My watch was shipped overnight and the money was in my account minutes after Paula confirmed she received the watch. I would recommend them to anyone selling a watch or other piece of jewelry. Excellent!” – Kristi D. – October 2015


“I was interested in selling my Men’s Rolex Oyster Submariner watch vintage 2006. I considered selling on eBay but rejected the idea because they charge a 10% sales commission and since it would be a PayPal transaction I would not see the money from the sale for 21 days. I did a Google search and found Diamond Estate Estate Buyers will purchase used Rolex watches. After sending them an email, I received a prompt phone call from Paula Dabney.”

“Afterwards we communicated through regular emails and phone calls. She provided every detail including; an insurance policy, FedEx labels and shipping costs, prompt appraisals and an overnight wire transfer to my bank! She was extremely polite, professional and knowledgeable throughout the transaction.

I had reservations about sending them my watch through the mail. I researched the company and found Mr. Blackburn to be highly reputable. Paula was the best! I wish every selling experience would be so enjoyable. I highly recommend! Thank you Paula.” – D. Springer – June 2015

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